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Lacto Fermented Kimchi at The Seasoned Farmhouse

Join Janine in learning the basics of wild fermentation using the age old technique of lacto-fermentation. Janine will purchase local vegetables to create a vegan form of Kimchi. The health benefits of kimchi are numerous including; improved digestive health, antioxidant properties and a powerhouse of vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Janine will show you the ease, creativity and health benefits of wild fermented foods, while harnessing and preserving the nutrients of the seasonal vegetables.

Wild fermentation is a low impact way to connect directly to your local food and an easy way to add healthy nutrients to your diet. New research linking the importance of healthy bacteria and microbes in our digestive system and supplementing that through the food we consume, continues to emerge daily. We will taste fermented vegetables, and kimchi in this hands on class and each participant will take home a quart of kimchi to ferment in their home. Please bring an apron.

Hands-on, $65

Registration: The Seasoned Farmhouse