Restoring wholeness through the wisdom of the honey bee, wild fermented foods and embodied ways of living a compassionate life. 


Restorative Living is my contribution to the world. It combines the wisdom of the bees, the healing properties of fermented foods, tools for embodying compassion and restoring our wholeness through awakening our natural connection to the world.

Much of my life has been spent cultivating these different passions - I've acquired the following certifications and experience along the way: 

Natural and Sustainable Bee keeping, Compassionate Communication (NVC), Fermented Abundance founder and owner, The Embodied Present Process (TEPP) facilitator, MS in Restorative Practices from the International Instititute for Restorative Practices (IIRP)Restorative yoga & Yoga Therapy, Restorative Circles practitioner, Urban Zen Integrative Therapist teacher and mentor, Reiki Master, BS in Business from Indiana University.

Read Janine's recent article in Edible Columbus magazine. 


Print edition: Edible Columbus | Fall 2016 | Issue No. 27


Published: September 16, 2016

Title: The Mother of Vegetable Fermentation

"In the warm summer months in southern Indiana, fermentation took a strong hold on me as I watched the apple cider and grape juice spontaneously bubble and overflow their containers. Little did I know the smells of summer’s abundant foods would stay with me and become a passion of growing, preserving, learning and sharing all about fermented foods and their health benefits, especially the centuries’ old goodness of sauerkraut". read more

Natural Beekeeping

Like the bees, we are all stewards of our land. Using natural and sustainable bee keeping methods the needs of the bees and environment are first. Caring for the hives offers an opportunity to be in relationship with the bees; bearing witness to their compassion and wisdom as they work in perfect harmony. 


Fermented Foods

Fermenting foods is an ancient art of creating food that strengthens and supports the body. It moves the body toward wholeness by harnessing lactic acid bacteria present in our natural world to create probiotic rich food. The benefits of adding wild fermented foods to our diets are numerous.



Embodied Compassion

How do we cultivate compassion in all we do? Embodied compassion supports our inner life through practices that combine self and community care. It reveals our common humanity and allows us to uncover deeper feelings and longings, supporting our transformation from an individual to a community. 


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