• Natural Beekeeping by Ross Conrad
  • The Thinking Bee Keeper by Christy Hemenway
  • Wisdom for beekeepers by James E. Tew
  • The Buzz about Bees, by Prof. Dr. Juergen Tautz
  • Bees by Rudolf Steiner
  • Wisdom of the bees by Erik Berrevoets
  • Toward saving the Honey Bee by Gunther Hauk
  • The Practical Bee Keeper by Michael Bush
  • Bees and Honey: From Flower to Jar by Michael Weiler
  • The Sacred Bee by Hilda M. Ransome
  • The Shamanic way of the bees by Simon Buxton


Purchasing bees and queens in central Ohio

Washboarding - on the Front of Solei