At 8 years old, as I stood with my mom under a large apple tree catching my first swarm of honey bees, I started to learn my first lessons about our interconnectedness to the world. 

Beekeeping was a natural part of my childhood growing up on my families southern Indiana homestead. My passion for the bees and beekeeping has continued throughout my adult life and is an experience I enjoy sharing with my family and the community. 

Teaching natural and sustainable beekeeping is important to our existence because healthier pollinators leads to a healthier environment. There are many life lessons for the person who learns to observe and listen to the bees. It is an opportunity to be in relationship with the wonders of the world; bearing witness to compassion, wisdom and perfect harmony. 

My training and background is in natural and sustainable beekeeping with a focus on stewarding the honey bee with love and compassion. 


Beekeeping (2007-present)

Steward of 8 hives of honey bees in Columbus, Ohio.


Certifications, Special Study & Training

Natural and Sustainable Bee keeping - Spikenard Bee Sanctuary (2013-present)


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