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Yes to Life – a Two Year Journey Starts: April 27 @ 10:00 AM Ends: April 30 @ 4:00PM

Yes to Life

This two year journey is a chance to say yes to the Life's call - to live into the joy and authenticity that is our birthright. Drawing on ancient spiritual traditions and the work of Robert Gonzales, Philip Shepherd, and Marshall Rosenberg, we will form a community of learners, supporting each other in saying Yes to Life.

Central to this journey will be four retreats, each taking place from Thursday through Sunday at the Pendle Hill Retreat Center.

The heart of this two year journey will be four four-day retreats at Pendle Hill. Twelve nights lodging, three nights each retreat, and all meals are included in the cost. In addition to these retreats several opportunities to learn, grow, and integrate our learning have been created. These include:

  • Journaling in response to one question given before and after each retreat;
  • Regular empathy calls with the members of your community over an eighteen month period;
  • Three conference calls with the entire community and both facilitators; and,
  • One individual phone or skype session with one of the facilitators.

In addition, participants will be asked to identify and meet with a local practice group weekly or biweekly for the length of the program. The Yes to Life community and facilitators will support each other in finding practice groups if needed.

In order to support an ongoing sense of cohesion and connection this retreat will be limited to the first 21 registrants.

Key themes are:

1. The Core Principles of Living Compassion

2. The Embodiment of Empathy

3. Dwelling in Living Energy of Needs

4. Cultivating an Integrated Awareness of our Inner Life

5. Recognizing Self-Judgement and Judgment of Others

6. Listening to our Soul, Experiencing our Essence

7. Vulnerability, Wounding, Protective Structures

8. Recognizing the Residue of Trauma in Ourselves or Others and Offering Support to Re-regulate the Nervous System

9. Grounded Experience in the Body

10. Self-Care, Fun and Play

11. Experiencing Wholeness

Registration: Heart to Heart

Event Location

Pendle Hill

338 Plush Mill Rd
Wallingford,, PA 19086

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Meet the Facilitators
Stephen Michael Tumolo, MA, SEP

Stephen Michael is a coach and trainer in Heart-to-Heart Communication. He is an accredited T'ai Chi Chih instructor and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. He has personally studied and is forever indebted to Marshall Rosenberg, Robert Gonzales, Philip Shepherd, and Sister Grace Myerjack, MM. For more on Stephen Michael and Heart-to-Heart go to

Janine Harris Degitz

Janine has been studying Non-Violent Communication (NVC) since 2005 with a primary focus on Robert Gonzales's work of Living Compassion. She is a graduate of Robert's 2009-2010 LIFE program and was an assistant for Robert in the 2012-2013 LIFE program in Portland, OR. In addition to NVC Janine has been studying conflict resolution, restorative circles, community building, mediation and restorative justice for the past 19 years. She is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Restorative Practices (MAY 2017) at the International Institute of Restorative Practices in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Janine lives in Columbus Ohio with her life partner of 29 years, two children and several hives of bees. Janine regularly facilitates classes and workshops in her community on embodied practices of living compassion. In addition she is the creator and owner of Fermenting Abundance, a certified teacher of The Embodied Present Process as developed by Phillip Shepherd and a teacher mentor of Urban Zen Integrative Therapy. Each of these passions lead Janine in practical ways to support others in sensitizing to their true nature and returning to the wholeness and connection to the passion in their life.