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Wild Fermented Sauerkraut with Summer Farmers Market Vegetables

Join Janine to learn the basics of wild fermentation using the age old technique of preservation through lacto-fermentation. With the natural abundance of early summer cabbage we will use vegetables purchased at the Clintonville Farmers Market to create a beautiful blend for making sauerkraut. Janine will show you the ease, creativity and health benefits of wild fermented foods, while harnessing and preserving the nutrients of the seasonal vegetables available in central Ohio.

New research linking the importance of the bacteria and microbes in our digestive system and the connection to our overall health and well being is emerging nearly every day. This research is proving that the food we eat is an essential part of our heath and well being.

Each participant will make their own jar of sauerkraut to take home. In addition you will sample a variety of fermented pickles and kraut. This class is hands-on, fun and full of learning all about preserving your food and adding flavor, nutrients and diversity to your diet.

Register: The Seasoned Farmhouse