Remembering Marshall Rosenberg - founder of NVC

Beloved Divine Energy

I see it in my dogs eyes, in the hum of the honey bees in the hive.
I see it in my children, in a sunset, in the moon.
I feel it in the presence of another's eyes and vulnerability.
I hear it in a song or the music of the trees.
I sense it in my body while hiking, while playing ping pong.
It’s here now…in mourning your loss.
This love radiating through all beings, through all life.

2/11/15 Janine

As I have been reflecting on the impact Marshall and his work has had on my life I remembered the first time I saw him speak in 2006 and then again in 2007 in Columbus Ohio.  My children were 10 and 6 at the time.  It was a difficult time in my life having just experienced a traumatic health event with my youngest daughter.  What he shared on that long weekend was life changing for me.

Marshall brought my attention to my internal life, one that was made up of feelings and needs, values and longings unique and beautiful and common to all of us.  I discovered through his work and practice that Instead of embodying and allowing these feelings and values to flow, I often tightened down on them, restricted their flow.  I didn’t want to feel some things. I had a preference for being happy, ok, strong, not needy. I had a preference for appearing from the outside like I was fine. I had protected my heart. I didn’t believe I could share these feelings these longings and still belong, still fit in and be accepted in the world. Through Marshall’s work I began to hear my own inner voice. I began to realize how much I mattered to me.

Marshall offered clear examples through playful role play and songs of how I (and others) sometimes mixed up feelings and needs with thoughts about them.  Causing more shame and blame in our relationships.This was learned behavior…It was part of my cultural upbringing, from living in this life. His teaching freed a part of me from those cultural beliefs and brought me home to my body, brought me home to my life energy. He helped me see this life energy lived in others too.

Marshall and many others that I have had the privilege to learn with over the years have challenged me to acknowledge and be responsible for my life energy through how I show up in my relationships and in the world. I was encouraged to move toward life, while being gentle with my own being, allowing and having compassion for this life in me.

Marshall, your authentic sharing of your life, your heart, your joy, your sorrow, your connection to your divine energy will forever be with me. Thank you for not being perfect, but being human. Thank you for planting the seeds of love all around the world.

I’m comforted by remembering you reminding all of us that this is a practice.  NVC is a tool, not the end result. Our beloved divine energy is where I want to meet. Thank you for helping me to connect to my own beloved divine energy.

In some sweet way the impact of your life and work has gone in just a little bit deeper with your death.